ISO 9001:2008
The Integrated Translation Process Gazette
American Translators Association

The Difference

Translation is an ancient art which when practiced individually, fragments
into a slow, idiosyncratic and unverified process. This Fragmented
Translation Process - FTP® has spawned an industry that generates
revenues that are counted in billions but the majority of resources continue
to be expended on managing the logistics and attempting to QA fragments
of work done at the cottage industry level by poorly paid private individuals working at home.  Linguistic Services SA is different. Modelled on institutions like the Royal Post-Graduate Medical School in London, all professional staff automatically become members of Linguistic Services Institute and throughout their time with the company follow an academic programme of internal and external courses and seminars. The aim of the training is to bridge the gap between the universities and the needs of the industry. Training includes all major CAT tools, terminology management, computer skills via the International Computer Driving Licence, advanced Spanish grammar, correction skills, special subject courses, DTP, QA processes, business applications and leadership training.


Linguistic Services SA provides an Integrated Translation Process - ITP® based on the use of CAT tools by university trained, mother tongue, full-time translators who are empowered by law to certify the validity of their work. This Integrated Translation Process - ITP® has been certified as meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The ITP facility run by Linguistic Services SA guarantees clients lower costs and better quality than the cottage industry based FTP.

In January 2005 TÜV Rheinland certified the Integrated Translation Process® developed and
used by Linguistic Services SA as ISO 9001:2008 compliant
. The target2source® verification stage of the process is unique to LSSA and has been in use since 1975.

In January 2007 Linguistic Services SA moved into its own purpose built, 5x9 compliant translation and training facility. Creating the facility was a challenge as no models exist in the industry for an enterprise of this type.

TÜVRheinland Group

Graphics - DTP

In July 2007, following the establishment of its own internal Graphics Department, Linguistic Services SA added Graphic Design and typesetting to the Integrated Translation Process® and staff training.

In an average year, the Integrated Translation Process® developed by Linguistic Services SA,
is used to convert more than 15 million words of English/Spanish for more than 3,500 clients and end users world wide. The company has an installed capacity of 70,000 words/day and space to triple
this volume.


Linguistic Services SA was incorporated as
a limited liability company in 1983 based on the professional experience of Transtek, a successful translation and interpretation buffet founded in 1975. The result is a privately owned, legally constituted corporation with experience spanning more than 30 years. During that time, Linguistic Services SA
has been directly involved in the simultaneous interpretation of over 8,000 conferences, 7,000 private meetings and training seminars and the translation of over 100 million words.

Linguistic Services SAwas one of the very
first companies in South America to use Internet,
CAT tools and to incorporate Quality Assurance techniques into an Integrated Translation Process®
in contrast to the more common Fragmented Translation Process® and the only institute to provide post-graduate “hands-on” industrial training based on a certified quality proces.

The translators who work in the company are all
mother tongue speakers of Spanish and university qualified Sworn Public Translators and are all full
time members of Linguistic Services Institute. Unlike the Fragmented Translation Process®
freelance translators are not used and work is never contracted out.

Linguistic Services SA through the Linguistic Services Institute now provides a unique service for the translation of the English/Spanish pair.
The print ready source is converted by university qualified mother tongue speakers to a print ready target in a single integrated, quality assured process within a facility built and equipped specifically for translation. With
this facility, translation has come of age. Clients and professionals alike can be proud to be associated
with the demise of the cottage conditions and the advent of the very best working and training conditions in the industry.

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